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Soul Ages: What Group Are You In?

soul ageChances are you’ve heard the term “old soul” when referring to someone wise beyond their years. Most likely this person has incarnated many times in order to earn this title. Not all of us are old souls, but we all have journeyed through several lifetimes in order to learn and grow.

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When you stop and think about it, there are several soul milestones or soul ages we reach while voyaging towards ascension. What age group does your soul resonate with?

The Newborn Soul

The newborn soul is one who comes to this plane to learn about basic existence. This doesn’t mean that this soul is less intelligent; it just means the soul is learning basic lessons about incarnation and being in a body.

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Learning to navigate in the world is crucial and can lead to expansive growth.

The Child Soul

The child soul is working on lessons around structure, rules and fitting in with society.

It may take a few lifetimes, but the child soul is basically working on understanding how the incarnation game is played with other people.

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The Young Adult Soul

Having learned about basic survival and the rules of reincarnation, the young adult soul seeks to break out and be independent.

This soul will test the boundaries of free will while trying to make a mark on the world. Lifetimes at this stage are about exploration, discovery, and material gain.

The Adult Soul

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Adult souls have been though the previous stages many times or they have matured enough to accept the challenges of the adult soul age group. The adult soul incarnates to work mainly on relationship issues—both interpersonal and within oneself.

Cooperation, compassion, empathy and understanding are the hallmarks of this soul age. The adult soul can appreciate the intricacies of life and all the lessons it has to offer.

The Old Soul

Wisdom is synonymous with those in the old soul age group. These folks have been here and done that numerous times. But more importantly, they have grown immensely from their many reincarnations.

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Old souls are easy to spot by their philosophical natures and overall depth. They are both seekers and teachers of spiritual truths. Many even confess to actually feeling old, despite having physical youth.

Regardless of the soul age group you identify with, it’s important to remember that each stage is valuable for your soul’s growth and advancement.

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