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Anomalien.com (anomaly + alien) is a fast growing news and articles website dedicated to all unexplained and paranormal phenomena. If you’re looking for weird inventions, freaky characters, UFO, ghosts and more unusual, mysterious phenomena, you’ll most likely find here.

Updating daily on alien sightings, ghost encounters, conspiracy as well as all things crazy and bizzare. We invite you to share your stories and experiences with us also.

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  • UFO & Alien Encounters
  • Astral travel / OOBE experience
  • Spirits, poltergeists and ghosts
  • Paranormal and mystical events
  • Conspiracy theories
  • Life after death
  • Magic, Esoteric and Occult
  • Astrology and numerology
  • Ancient civilizations
  • Mysterious places
  • Anomalies and oddity
  • Secret history
  • Unexplained Phenomena