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Is that Bigfoot? Strange Scary Screams Recorded In Ohio

BigfootYouTuber user Preston Riley shared a video of what sounds like a Bigfoot in the woods. He claims it was recorded in Ohio outside his house.

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He also claims it’s 100 percent real and that he had never heard anything like it before. Here is what he wrote:

“At 2:43 February 9th 2020, I was inside my house feeding my dog and me and my dog were both curious to as what we were hearing outside.”

“I ran outside as fast as I could to try to understand what it was, but I couldn’t understand what I was hearing because I’ve never heard anything like this before near the woods at my house.”

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“This video is not FAKE. I swear this just happened out of the middle of no where randomly.”

What’s this? Listen to the video below.

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