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Snarling bipedal creature scares night fishermen in southern England

In the sparsely populated hilly region of Southern England, adjacent to the coast, lies the South Downs National Park.

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This park has a small lake where night fishing enthusiasts love to come. And recently, one after another, they began to report that an unidentified creature had appeared there, because of which some of them were forced to give up their hobby and hastily leave the park.

Members of the Cryptid and Paranormal Investigations group on Facebook observed multiple instances of close calls with a creature so evil that it made the fishermen up sticks and depart straight away, The Daily Star reports.

“I suddenly felt an incredible sense of tension, and it was a feeling that I had never experienced before or since. It truly felt as if someone was watching me, and I was not welcome here,” says a man named Mike Brown.

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Another fisherman, Michael Brindle, said he was sitting on a chair next to his fishing rods and dozed off a little when he was awakened by a loud growl coming from the other side of the lake.

“I was dozing on my chair next to the rods when I was woken by a loud growl from the opposite bank,” he said.

And when he looked in that direction, he noticed something large there that was running quickly on two legs. And she didn’t just run, but with superhuman agility climbed up a steep slope, where “not a single person could avoid injury.”

According to Brindle, that steep slope was dangerous to walk on even in daylight and risked serious injury, and the creature certainly did not have any lighting.

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He was so scared that he quickly packed his things and left. None of the fishermen could examine this creature in detail, but they are sure that it was not some kind of joker and also not some ordinary forest animal.

Mike said: “I think though the most standout thing is the terrain being covered in the dark, it sounds dangerous enough to attempt in the daylight let alone in the dark! When you can’t see any obvious signs of torchlight, that’s the really scary part because no human could do it without suffering injury.”

His roar really frightened Brundle: “The hairs on my arms stood on end. I hope I never hear that again,” he added.

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