Creepy massive ‘elk graveyard’ discovered in Idaho, locals blame Bigfoot

Wildlife officials in Idaho, USA, couldn’t believe their eyes when they stumbled upon a huge “elk graveyard” containing the remains of at least 15 animals clustered at the foot of a mountain.

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The place was discovered by accident and only thanks to a program that provides some animals with GPS collars to track their movements.

When an animal dies, it is soon revealed by a signal from its collar, and in each case, a team of rangers goes into the forest to find out how the elk ended his life.

This time around, the team went on a similar journey again, but no one knew that they were in for a completely creepy spectacle and a scene worthy of being included in horror films.

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According to Northwest Sportsman, the officials stumbled upon a massive pile of remains from what they called an “elk boneyard,” near Lewiston at Craig Mountain.

They discovered at least 15 elk heads, as well as fur, broken legs, and a ton of other bones.

“With scree material and boulders up to the size of beach balls, it appeared that at least 15 elk were traversing and side hilling near the top of a ridgeline only to be caught up in a landslide.

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“Bringing them down almost 1,000 feet over just a distance of 300-400 yards, this group of elk was caught up in rubble and snow ultimately resulting in death,” noted senior wildlife technician Mark Shepard.

A whole herd of elk in winter, for some unknown reason, climbed a rather narrow and steep mountain slope? Not everyone is ready to believe in such a theory.

According to local residents, Bigfoots have been seen repeatedly in this region. What if they are responsible for the death of elks?

One commenter wrote: “I lived near that place, and often heard stories about Bigfoot living in the forests. What if it was they who threw the carcasses of elk from the mountain?”

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No matter how it really was, the find is really strange.

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