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The man who shot two Bigfoots, recalling the encounter in TV show

BigfootAfter claiming to have killed two of the creatures, a reality TV Bigfoot hunter made headlines a few years ago.

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The notable tale of Justin Smeja came to light after he appeared on the reality TV show’ 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty’ which saw nine teams compete to win a big money award in return for the elusive hominid’s undeniable evidence.

“I’ve shot and killed two of them,” Justin Smeja told the show’s hosts. “I’ve done everything I can do to try to prove that I’m telling the truth. All I can do now is try to go get another one.”

He elaborated on the event in subsequent interviews, insisting that he had actually killed one adult and one Bigfoot adolescent while hunting bear with one of his colleagues in the Sierra mountains.

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In a meadow, the pair supposedly met the adult bigfoot, about 8 ft tall.

They realized, after felling it with a single shot, that it was accompanied by a juvenile. Smeja also killed him.

“I haven’t found a reasonable explanation for what happened,” he said. “I haven’t found any sort of way to prove that I’m telling the truth.”

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In the video below, you can watch Smeja recalling the whole encounter.

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  1. What makes him think he has the right to just kill it for no reason? I have No respect for that man. He better watch his back in the woods,because Karma has a way of getting even. Someone’s Moms going to seek revenge,and he will have it coming.

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