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The girl has not been drinking water for four years

Four years ago, 36-year-old Alice moved to a dry diet, which means rejection of the usual water.

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The girl decided to get the necessary liquid from vegetables, fruits, juices and coconuts, as, in her opinion, such water is filtered by nature as much as possible.

Alice previously lived in London, had a great job and friends, but was not completely happy. In the end, she decided to move to Thailand.

In Thailand girl stumbled upon Tony Zawasta’s book “Quantum Nutrition: The True Elixir of Youth”. Alice is sure that only liquid from plant foods can nourish the body at the cellular level.

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According to nutritionist Sarah Miller, consuming large amounts of fruit to replenish moisture leads to increase sugar in the blood.

Also ordinary water helps to dilute other elements in the body that the kidneys later pass through. It becomes much easier for them to do their job.

Alice relies solely on her feelings, so she ignores all expert advice. She found a dry diet incredibly healthy. Moreover, Alice encourages everyone to give up water.

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According to the nutritionist, this is an irresponsible step, because a girl can drive someone into the grave.

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