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In Spain, the “face of God” was captured in the sky

Last Saturday, a religious procession took place through the streets of the city of Seville in Spain, and one of the local residents decided to take some pictures of this event that day.

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“On Saturday I left at 7 am to find a place. When they passed me, I took pictures with my smartphone. Then I uploaded them to my Instagram and Facebook account,” said Ignacio Fernandez Barrionuevo-Perena.

A few hours later, one of his friends called him and asked if he retouched the photo using any program: “No, I did not retouch it. How could I? The photo was uploaded from a mobile phone, and I don’t use editing software,” he said.

Original photo (Credit: Ignacio Fernández/Facebook)

A friend asked him to turn the photo and look at the clouds: “My hair stood on end. I know that this cloud, of course, it is, but I am a believer, and nature was created by God, and God has many ways to manifest himself – in art, in music, in everything … and whoever wants to believe, he believes ”, – emphasized the author of the photograph, which is now browsing all social networks.

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The photo showing the “face of God” went viral on social media.

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