A woman forgot 20 years of her life in one night

Claire and her husband
One of the residents of the small town of Braintree, which is located in the county of Essect, in the UK, did not feel very well. She went to bed and during the night she forgot all the events that had happened to her over the past 20 years.

The woman now cannot remember the wedding with her husband, as well as the death of some relatives, reports the New York Post. 

Claire Muffett-Rees, who is 43 years old, met her future husband back in 1995. Throughout all these years they do not part with each other. In 2008, they got married, and after a while they had two sons – Jack and Max.

For a long time, Claire worked as a journalist, and was also a wonderful mother who combined household chores with interviewing celebrities.

In 2021, Claire’s life has changed literally overnight. She was so ill that she went to bed early. The woman thought she caught a cold from her son. In the morning, Max tried to wake his mother, but he did not succeed and Claire did not wake up. She was immediately taken to the hospital, where they connected artificial ventilation of the lungs.

Some time later, she was transferred to a specialized clinic. When the examination was carried out and tests were taken, the doctors found that the cause of what was happening was inflammation of the brain, provoked by encephalitis.

Relatives were warned that everything could end very badly. But after 16 days, the treatment gave a positive result and the patient was able to be disconnected from the ventilator.

Claire immediately asked how the cats were. But they were killed many years ago. This was the first sign that the woman had forgotten everything that had happened over the past 20 years.

Claire recognized all her relatives without any problems, but at the same time she could not remember the huge number of events that were associated with them. Doctors noted that memory loss was a side effect that often occurs with encephalitis.  

Claire spent 5 weeks in the hospital. After being discharged, it was difficult for her to move around. The husband took a leave of absence from his job to care for his wife. The sons also try to support their mother and constantly tell her about what they love, how they all traveled together and much more.

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