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Scientists: Ghosts, ESP, Deja Vu – signs that we live in the Matrix

MatrixThe fascinating and disturbing idea that we can all exist in the Matrix has been put forward by two scientists, reports

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The theory that humanity could live in a computer simulation was thoroughly discussed in the science fiction favorite of the Wachowskis The Matrix, but how realistic is this concept?

Would we be able to tell the difference if we were living in a simulated reality?

It’s an idea that was discussed recently by Julian Keith and Curry Guinn-two professors from the University of North Carolina whose research focused on the understanding of the real world and how we perceive it.

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We’ve already made some pretty big technological leaps in a fairly short space of time when you think about computer simulations. Look at the video games of today and compare them to Pong-imagine what kind of worlds thousands of years from now can be created.

We won’t be able to tell the difference between simulation and reality sooner or later.

It’s an idea that was previously proposed, especially by Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO, who maintains that there is an extremely high probability that we are currently living in a computer simulation.

We may have already seen evidence of this, according to Prof. Guinn.

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“Glitches in the system,” he said. “Deja Vu, such as in the Matrix movie when a character sees a cat crossing a doorway repeatedly, may be one glitch. Ghosts, ESP, coincidences may be others.”

“The laws of physics in our universe seem peculiarly designed with a set of constants that make carbon-based life possible. Where are the edges?”

Mankind may be using these simulations in the distant future to experience periods of history or to experience the human condition in a way that at that time is no longer possible.

Furthermore, it may serve a function as a kind of prison for the mind, as in the film.

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It was even speculated that simulations could occur inside simulations-meaning that when you wake up in one, you’re still in a simulation from higher up the realities chain.

It’s easy to end up wrapping your head in knots when you really think about the possibilities.

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