CCTV caught the closet door opening itself and a small white orb flew out

This security camera footage was taken on February 4, 2023 in an old movie theater. The recording shows that in a room where there are no people, the cabinet door suddenly opens by itself and a small white ball flies out at a fairly high speed.

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This orb is visible on the other camera as well, so it’s definitely not a device-specific glitch.

According to the author of the video, fire extinguishers are stored in this cabinet and it is closed with a good magnet, so you need to apply force to open it.

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According to one of the proposed versions, there may be drafts from internal pipes in the walls, especially considering that this is an old building. Thus, the cabinet door swung open from a powerful draft, and the ball that flew out was some kind of beetle.

However, the video does not show that the curtains also somehow reacted to the alleged draft.

Assumptions that this is just dust have also been criticized, because it is clearly visible how the ball that has flown out of the cabinet clearly goes around obstacles.

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Also, one person commented that he had seen a lot of orb videos, but this is the first time he sees an orb opening a cabinet door. And called this video fascinating.

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