Peter Plogojowitz – The Serbian Vampire

VampireOne of the best documented vampire cases came in 1725 in the village of Kisolava, Serbia, when local farmer Peter Plogojowitz died, he apparently wouldn’t stay dead.

Three days after his death he returned from the grave, visiting his son and demanding food, his son fed him, he ate and left. On the second night the son told neighbours what had occurred, and deeply troubled by it, he stayed up waiting to see if his father returned, but he failed to do so.

However on the third night he again turned up demanding to be fed, but on this occasion the son refused him, and Plogojowitz was said to have given his son a threatening look upon leaving. The sons body was found the next day.

Within eight days, nine more people were to die. On their death-beds, the victims allegedly claimed to have been throttled by Plogojowitz at night, and of him biting their necks and drawing blood from the wound, all apparently dying from exhaustion and blood loss.

Furthermore, his wife stated that he had visited her and asked her for his shoes, she then moved to another village fearing for her safety.

Greatly alarmed by these events, the local magistrate and priest contacted a local army commander who happened to be staying nearby. The commander arrived shortly after receiving the message with two soldiers and they promptly set about exhuming the corpses of all who had died with the local magistrate and priest.

When they examined the grave of Peter Plogojowitz they discovered his corpse was perfectly preserved and his mouth was smeared in fresh blood, with his hair, beard, and nails still growing even after death.

When they staked him in the heart, blood gushed out, and after this they decided it was best if they burned his body on a pyre.

They then reburied the bodies of his victims with garlic, The commander and his officers returned to Belgrade and made an official report, in which they claimed that Peter Plogojowitz was indeed a vampire.

By Paul Middleton, source: Ghosts, the paranormal, myths and legends

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