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Humanoid forest

Lost Taiwanese hiker claims couple of ghosts lead him to safety

Humanoid forestA hiker who was rescued after being lost in Taiwan’s mountains for ten days claimed rescue workers that he was able to survive thanks to the help of a ghost couple who guided him to safety.

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It is reported that the bizarre case began on November 10 when Soong Rui-xiong went into the wilderness of a country region known as Pingtung.

He lost his way and his cell phone died at some point during the hike leaving him in a particularly dangerous position.

His family contacted the authorities with their concerns when Rui-xiong did not return home that evening. A huge search team consisting of 284 people, as well as 111 police and fire officials, searched the mountain where the man walked in the hopes of finding him.

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Despite their best efforts, after a stressful ten days, Rui-xiong was nowhere to be found until he appeared from the forest on Wednesday morning with a rather incredible story to tell.

He tried to climb a rock wall early during his disappearance, but in the process fell and lost his glasses, according to Rui-xiong.

The lost hiker then hid for a few days in a cave until he came to the conclusion that trying to find his way down the mountain was the only way out of the predicament. When Rui-xiong emerged from the cavern, he met a mysterious couple who spent two hours walking with him through the forest.

Eventually, he says, they vanished and he found a trail that led back to civilization when he looked for them. Looking back on the encounter, Rui-xiong was convinced that these guides were the spirits of the people of Taiwan who once lived in the region.

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