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Ghost behind

“Is anyone there?”: My Haunted House Story

Ghost reader Samantha shares her ghost story.

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My house in Cape Town, South Africa, was built in the 1950’s and my mom, dad, sister and I moved into our house in July 2012 and we’ve been living here for 7 years now.

My mom used to always tell me that she hears footsteps coming up our spiral staircase and that she has seen a woman and a man in her room and in mine as well as downstairs in our lounge.

I always used to think my mom was just being silly because I was always skeptical about ghosts and the paranormal until I had some unexplained experiences. My whole family has experienced at least one unexplained experience.

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All of my experiences happened in my room, my parents’ room and once downstairs. I will start with my 1st experience and then go in order of the next experiences and then I will go into my family’s experiences.

My first sighting of what must have been a ghost, was maybe a week after we had moved into the house. It was quite late, probably 1 am when I woke up with the feeling that I was being watched. I normally sleep facing the wall and from my bed I have a clear view of my doorway.

My door was open and when I turned to look around my room I saw a woman standing just outside my doorway staring at me. At first glance, I thought it was my mother because my mom used to wear curlers in her hair.

This woman was wearing long pajamas and her hair was in curlers. I lifted myself up slightly to get a clearer view and I said “Mommy?”, but the woman kept staring at me. I called again to see if she responded, but the woman kept staring at me with no expression at all. I wasn’t sure if I was seeing correctly so I blinked and the woman was gone.

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The next morning I asked my mom if she was outside my room and she said no. I also realized that my wasn’t wearing curlers and the woman had red hair and not brown like my mother’s. Everyone just said to me maybe my mind was replaying an image of my mother from the past. I haven’t seen this woman again.

I have also heard footsteps coming up our stairs, but this could also possibly be the wood and metal expanding and contracting. There have been a couple of incidents over the past 5 years where I have been sitting on my room floor and I was busy doing homework.

My 3 dogs were sitting on the floor with me. 2 my dogs were laying in front of me and the 1 was on my lap. My 2 dogs that were laying in front of me both suddenly sat up and started staring at the space behind me. My room door was closed and it was completely silent.

There was nothing behind me that could have moved or could have possibly been reflecting anything. Then the dog on my lap started trying to look behind me. The dog on my lap tensed up and started growling.

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All 3 of my dogs’ were staring straight past me and they wouldn’t break the stare even when I called them. I managed to get my 1 dog’s attention but not for very long. The dog on my lap kept growling. So I stood up and all 3 dogs just kept staring at the same spot.

I couldn’t see anything, but I started getting worried because my dogs were all focused on this one spot and they were all starting to growl. My one dog moved in front of where I was standing and kept growling.

At this point I was really confused and I realized that they must be seeing something, so I took one of my pillows and I started swinging my pillow around my room…..I know this seems silly, but it seemed to work because after I did that my dogs all lay down and fell asleep again.

My most recent experience happened last year, so this was my 6th year in our house, I was sitting in my parent’s room chatting to my friend on the phone when my parents room door suddenly swung open and a strong wind was blowing on my face, so I got up to close the door but the wind kept blowing on my face no matter which way I turned, so I walked out of my parent’s room to check if there was a window or door open, but there weren’t any.

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The wind kept getting stronger and it followed me everywhere I turned and walked to. I headed down the passageway toward my room where my dad was and the wind got very powerful, as I stepped into my room and I saw my dad the wind stopped completely.

I asked if anyone knew if there had been a window open, but there wasn’t and no one had moved around since I made the phone call. I’m not sure what happened, but it frightened me because I had a strong sense of anger and aggression when the wind was blowing on me and that sensation kept getting stronger as I tried to find what was wrong. If this was some kind of spirit, it was very angry.

That’s all the experiences I have had so far to date. I will now discuss the rest of my family’s experiences. My mom has told me that she has seen a man and a woman walk in and out of her bedroom and she has followed the man and he has walked from her room to mine.

She has only seen the woman twice, but she sees the man quite often. She hears footsteps very often coming up the stairs, and we have both been up to check if there was something.

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My dad has seen a woman dressed in work clothing standing reading something in our lounge and that was at about 06:30 am. My sister has had only one experience where she woke up with pressure on both her shoulders as if someone was pinning her down, but there was nothing.

She says that she tried to move but she still felt pinned down, so she said “Go Away!” and apparently the pressure stopped. She also sometimes feels like there is someone else in the room with her, but I also often get the sense that I am not alone even though I am the only one in my room.

I’m not sure what this all means, but I feel that if spirits and ghosts really wanted to harm us then they would have done it already. Well, that’s just my opinion. It does freak me out a bit thinking about the possibility, but I am very open to the paranormal.

I hope you enjoyed my very long story, if you have some ideas of what messages these spirits and ghosts might be trying to communicate, please feel free to email me and express your opinions and ideas.

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