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In Indiana, a tourist met a Bigfoot with a cub in the forest

After spending the night with a friend in a tent in the middle of the forest, the tourist woke up from strange sounds. Something stood outside his car and tried to open the door. At first, he thought it was some local resident or another tourist, but then he saw something frightening.

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Andrew McGrath’s recent book, The Beasts of North America, tells a very interesting story about how a man met a Bigfoot with a cub in the Indiana forests in 2018.

An unnamed man, along with his girlfriend, went on vacation to a forest camping in Monroe County, Indiana. When evening came, they pitched their tent, and then fell asleep, but in the middle of the night, the man suddenly woke up when he heard some clanging sounds outside.

According to an eyewitness, it sounded like someone was pulling the door handle of his Nissan car, which was parked nearby. He got angry, thinking that some other tourist had decided to steal his car, and jumped out of the tent. However, he saw no one near the car.

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The man stood for a while near the car, and then decided to return to the tent. He opened the tent curtain to see what was happening outside, and then he waited. He was confident that whoever was there, he would return.

He again heard strange sounds outside and then saw a tall, dark silhouette near the tent. The creature stood and did not move, and then disappeared into the shadows again.

After that, the eyewitness again jumped out of his tent and ran to the car. Suddenly he froze in place, as he saw in front of him a very large figure, which was walking directly towards him. Until that moment, he did not believe in the Bigfoot, but now he understood that this creature was exactly a Sasquatch.

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In a panic, the man ran back to the tent, dived inside and zipped up as quickly as possible. He held his breath and heard the creature, stepping heavily, approaching the tent.

“It went to the far corner of the tent, stood over it, grunted, hit the tent with its chest and growled loudly. I froze in place with horror. This creature was so huge! I’m sure it was at least 2.5 meters tall and weighed about 450 kg.”, the eyewitness recalled.

“Meanwhile, a second creature appeared at the tent, much smaller than the first, I think it was a teenage Bigfoot and that it was he who played with the handle of my Nissan. He started sniffing the tent right above my head.”

According to an eyewitness, he clearly saw the silhouettes of both creatures against the background of the tent fabric and through the window. They were clearly visible in the moonlight. The shoulders of an adult Bigfoot were extremely wide and compared to him, the man felt like a small child.

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“Then it began to make strange sounds, addressing the cub. It sounded like a parental conversation, accompanied by clicks and claps of the tongue. I knew that this creature could easily break my spine with minimal effort, but it decided not to do it. Probably it sensed mine. horror and that was enough for him.”

After that, both mysterious creatures left the tent and disappeared into the forest.

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