Psychic children

How to Determine if Your Child has Psychic Abilities

Psychic childrenIs your child supernaturally gifted? This article will help guide you in your discoveries of your child’s hidden abilities and show you how to develop them more fully.

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In this day and age of increasing self-awareness and skyrocketing interest in the paranormal, more and more people appear to be developing highly tuned senses, particularly children. A new awareness in these abilities has stemmed from popular articles on “Indigo” and Crystal” children.

The information below will briefly describe the attributes of these special children, and will help you determine if your child is gifted. The list and descriptions are provided as a guideline in diagnosing budding psychic gifts in you or your child.

Briefly, Indigo Children (and some adults), as described in the book, “Understanding Your Life Through Color,” by Nancy Ann Tappe, display an indigo aura and are reported to be empathic, telepathic and possess other such traits, including stubbornness and defiance for the legal system.

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Crystal Children, on the other hand, seem to have opalescence to their auras; they “glow” from the inside out, and have a deep wisdom in their eyes, according to Dorene Virtue’s book, “The Crystal Children.” These children and others not labeled as such are born with more highly-tuned senses.

Psychic abilities are simply a magnification of the five natural senses:

Clairvoyance: Psychic vision is the ability to see more of what is there. During an interview with a psychic child, Cassie B. reported being able to see spirits and angels for as long as she can remember.

Her parents, who were present during this interview, claimed that at the age of 18 months, their daughter seemed to visibly see and respond to “visitors” in their home, visitors that the parents could not see. Now, at the age of almost 14 years old, Cassie claims to physically see “the dead” as well as “shadow people,” whom she believes simply want her help to pass messages to the living.

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Clairaudience: The ability to hear what the natural ear does not perceive. Again, this particular gift is reported to act as a conduit from the spirit world to this, in order to pass messages to the living.

Clairsentience: The ability to feel unseen energy. Usually, this term refers to a “gut feeling,” however, the scope of this term also includes the ability to feel energy with the physical body.

This ability is more accepted and is common in bonds between mothers and children. Less frequently, however, the ability to feel energy has been useful in alternative healing and locating areas on the human body where there is illness or disease.

Taste and Smell: These two abilities are common among intimate or closely-related friends or family members where odors and tastes are experienced without physical input.

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If you suspect your child displays any of the abilities listed above there are steps you can take to help them continue to develop. First, always listen with a caring ear. Let your child know that you believe what they tell you. If they feel self-conscious because of your reaction to their claims, you may not be able to get them to open up with you again on such sensitive matters.

Learn about their abilities and help them to develop these gifts. In doing so, you may learn a thing or two, yourself, and how your innate abilities can be fostered.

Find a local support group in your area. With the seeming influx of gifted children, there are more and more psychic kid camps developing in the United States and other areas of the world. Finally, enjoy your child. Their endless trust and love is their priceless gift to you for your support and encouragement.

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