What happens if all oxygen disappears on Earth for 1 minute

Earth PlanetWhat will happen to people and animals if the entire planet Earth loses oxygen for 60 seconds? This question was asked by the host of the YouTube channel The Infographics Show, who said that the consequences of this hypothetical event would be very serious.

If oxygen disappeared from the Earth’s atmosphere, then in the next second people would notice a change in the color of the sky.

This is because the sun’s rays would have to overcome a smaller volume of atmospheric gases. In another second, people’s inner ears would begin to explode due to a sudden change in atmospheric pressure.

The Earth’s atmosphere is about one-fifth oxygen, so if that amount of gas were to disappear, atmospheric pressure would change dramatically. As if you instantly rose from the height of sea level to a height of about two kilometers. This would rupture your eardrums and bleed from your ears.

Air would still get into your lungs, but without oxygen it would be impossible for them to breathe properly.

Trying to breathe, people would begin to fall to their knees, choking. An oxygen-free atmosphere would no longer trap the harsh ultraviolet radiation of the sun, so people would literally begin to fry and burn themselves while outside.

If oxygen disappears from the atmosphere for exactly one minute, then people basically have to survive it, because the human body is able to live for some time without this essential gas.

The main thing is not to be on board a flying plane at this moment, because in this case you will become a victim of a plane crash.

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