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Auras And Their Purpose

Aura handsAuras – Just Exactly What Are They? An aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds all living beings, including animals. The color of an individual’s aura reflects not only the type of person he or she is, but also the quality of their health and their mood at the time that it is sensed.

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An aura changes with the person it surrounds. Your own spiritual development heavily influences the color and size of your aura. There are seven “bodies” of influence for an aura: physical, aetheric, vital, astral, lower and higher mental, and spiritual. When the needs of these “bodies” are not met, your aura, shrinking in size and dimming in color, suffers.

In modern society, people do not usually pay much attention to the auras of others or even acknowledge their existence because their senses are not tuned to be able to perceive such things. Children are easily able to pick up on the “vibes” of another person because they have not yet been conditioned to ignore such concepts as “mere whimsy.”

As you get older, you are pushed more and more to worry about finding a career, being financially stable, and in turn, you become further estranged from your spiritual roots. Unfortunately, there then is less emphasis put on being empathic or concerned for the state of others, and increasingly there is more reliance upon taking what people say and believe at face value.

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There is also more of an emphasis on logic and practicality, which results in the abandoning of the psychic arts. Being able to sense auras is an indispensable gift; once you are able to do so, you will wonder how you managed without it!

Learning To Sense Auras

It may seem like a hard skill to pick up on at first, but everyone has the potential to sense the auras of those around them. You naturally have this gift but years of disuse have led you to forget how to use it. Re-learning it is a matter of paying more attention to the interactions between you and other people. Focus on the way certain people make you feel. Do not worry about seeing colors initially.

Aura handsThe idea is to pick up on the energies of others, and you can do this by sensing an aura before seeing it. The better you get at sensing these energy fields, the more likely they are to manifest as colors. Certain energies correspond to certain colors too.

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This means that as you find it easier to read the vibes coming from someone, you begin to associate those vibes with the colors they represent. These exercises in observation are key, along with other spiritual practices. Good ol’ meditation always aids in spiritual endeavors, as do exercises in visualization and yogic practices.

Aura Colors

The colors of someone’s energy field commonly relate back to the state of their chakras. An imbalance of your chakras can lead to the color of your aura dimming. At the same time, if one chakra is working particularly strongly, the color associated with it may manifest as your aura.

Here’s a quick run-through of what specific colors may mean:

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Red Obsession with material objects, intense passion (can be good as in a sensual person or bad as in someone full of rage)

Orange A born teacher, inspirational, creative, sociable

Yellow Freedom, a natural leader, awareness

Green Balance, love of nature, a born healer

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Blue Cool, calm, sensitive to the needs of others, balanced

Turquoise Compassionate, has therapeutic skills, full of energy

Violet Intuitive, psychically gifted, currently entertaining spiritual thoughts

Keep in mind that there are several variations on these colors. There are literally an infinite number of colors auras can be. Someone may have a pink aura, showing a mix of purple and red to represent a complete balance between love of worldly and otherworldly concepts. The next person may have a red aura with tiny areas of purple to it to show an impassioned individual with fleeting spiritual thoughts.

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The possibilities are endless! When your ability to pick up on the energies of others is at its peak, then comes the color association. You may sense the calming energy of your best friend when you are in need. Next you will want to close your eyes and envision whatever color first comes to mind. The results will amaze and motivate you to develop this skill further!

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