NASA releases footage of creepy black hole sounds

NASA scientists have managed to record the sounds produced by a supermassive black hole, more than 200 million light-years away from us. A recording of the eerie sounds appeared on NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center YouTube channel, watch the video below.

The black hole, whose sounds were recorded by scientists, is located in a cluster of galaxies in the constellation Perseus. We are talking about a group of galaxies shrouded in clouds of hot gas, the width of which is 11 million light years.

The black hole in the Perseus galaxy cluster is located close to clouds of gas, and this fact makes the hole sound.

By themselves, black holes do not produce any sound, but the case of a black hole in the Perseus galaxy cluster is special – sound waves are generated by ripples that propagate through gas clouds under the influence of the tidal forces of the black hole.

In 2003, scientists at NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory collected data on these strange ripples and made sounds from them.

However, those sounds were below the level that the human ear could hear. The authors of the new study decided to correct this, and modified the sound data, increasing it by 57 and 58 octaves. The result is very creepy sounds from space.

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