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Strange flashes in the sky were observed in Turkey before the earthquake

Videos have gone viral on social media showing strange bluish flashes in the night sky. This was allegedly filmed in Turkey three days ago, right before the first quake hits.

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At the moment, over 12 thousand people have died in Turkey from the consequences of the strongest earthquake since 1939. More than 2,600 people have died in neighboring Syria. It is assumed that the number of victims will grow as the rubble is cleared.

Videos with flashes caused lively discussions on the Web and the most popular conspiracy theory was the use of seismic weapons.

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Social media users are engaged in what some are calling a “conspiracy theory” where they believe that the earthquake in Turkey and neighbouring Syria was created by the US using the “HAARP” technology.

Twitter user wrote: “Three weeks ago, Serkan Karabakh of FETO said there would be a 7.4 magnitude earthquake. The American ship anchored in Turkey and the button was pressed! The embassies were closed and members were recalled.”

Another user wrote: “These clouds appeared as a result of the US weapon Haarp energising the ionosphere to create an artificial earthquake on February 2, 2023. Wanting to create an artificial earthquake in Istanbul, they deliberately closed the consulates.”

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“Those who still say conspiracy theory, you will understand by experience,” warned another.

The American Seismological Association, shortly after the appearance of these videos on the network, expressed a version that this is most likely the so-called triboluminescence. Such lights are sometimes observed during earthquakes, although very rarely.

They say that the mysterious “lightning” was seen in ancient Rome before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which destroyed the city of Pompeii. A cloud enveloped the volcano, “lightning” flew from there, and soon the volcano began to erupt.

On the other hand, flashes filmed in Turkey do not look like lightning at all. They are bluish and more like the northern lights. And they seem to be silent.

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Because of what such flashes occur, which are sometimes called “earthquake fires”, scientists do not yet know.

The following theories are often cited: It is possible that tremors cause some kind of change in the atmosphere and flashes occur in it from the accumulation of electricity.

According to another version, deep underground there are accumulations of electrical discharges that are released during shocks. Or in deposits of quartz, diamonds or other minerals, earthquakes break apart, causing flashes on the surface.

There is also a hypothesis that such glows are caused by inert gases, such as radon, which seep through cracks to the surface before an earthquake.

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There are other assumptions that only show that even experts cannot yet say what causes such outbreaks, whether they are really related to earthquakes and how.

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