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Spooky CCTV footage shows as a black ‘ghost cat’ vanishes into thin air

catThis unusual video was recorded on January 12, 2019, but the disappearing cat was noticed only a few days ago. A surveillance camera was installed in the courtyard of a house in Austin, Texas.

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Mistress of the house Nathalie King says that she recently undertook to view the footage of the camera and came across a ghost cat.

The black cat on the video does not belong to Natalie and she does not know if any of her neighbors are keeping such a cat. On January 12, this cat walked along the path past Natalie’s house and her eyes shone brightly in the dark.

Having reached the brick support, the cat turned left and … began to literally dissolve in the air, and then disappeared completely.

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This moment could be explained by the failure of the equipment, but in this case the cat would disappear abruptly, rather than gradually losing its shape.

“I’m sure I’ve caught a ghost cat,” the woman says and denies glitches and hardware failures. Natalie’s husband serves in the US Army and personally installed a high-precision and modern CCTV camera.

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