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UFO in Sky

Are UFOs Natural, Spiritual or Extraterrestrial?

UFO in SkyUnidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) continue to amaze, mystify and intrigue the world. As technology increases, fields of science may find more explanation for some UFOs.

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Mankind will continue to see unexplained flying objects in the sky but it is the hope of those who desire to see more revealed about this phenomenon that someday there will be more definitive explanations found for them.

Until such a time UFO investigators (UFOlogists) also hope to see more people keeping their cameras and video units ready to continue documenting new sightings. Without solid documentation, there is little for the experts to examine and draw conclusions from.

Sightings by Reputable Witnesses

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Many reputable people including military officials have come forward over the past several decades to admit they have seen UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). Several U.S. Presidents have done so as well. Fortunately, enough reputable and believable people have come forward, that it is now no longer taboo to admit having seen a UFO.

It does seem that those who look to the sky more often are the people who sight more UFOs. There are those who love to scan the sky, looking at stars, satellites and planets because of the intrigue inspired in them by these things. People who work in the fields of weather observance and astronomy also witness UFO sightings more often than the general public.

The Continuing Mystery of UFOs

No one knows with certainty what the unexplained unidentified flying objects are but there are many theories in regard to them that are yet to be proven. It is a fact that they are a very real phenomenon and theories include the possibility that some UFOs are experimental aircraft from other countries, while others believe they may be extraterrestrial (from outside of our planet). Another interesting theory is that they could be spiritual phenomenon or angelic manifestations (either good or evil).

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Another theory that few UFO researchers put much stock in is that all UFO sightings are of naturally occurring phenomenon although they believe that a large percent of them certainly could be.

This particular theory in explaining all sightings as a whole does not pass the common sense test because sightings are widely varied. Unidentified flying craft are often described in detail, and the maneuverability of some of them simply defies natural explanation.

Some natural phenomenon and man-made objects that have explained some UFO sightings include the following:

– weather phenomenon
– weather balloons
– orbiting satellites
– light reflections
– night geese
– meteors
– sun reflections on man-made aircraft

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A Sighting in 1969

A UFO witness from Granbury, Texas who has asked to be identified as “Lew W.”, was interviewed for this article in regard to a sighting that took place in the year -1969. At that time, the witness to the sighting worked at General Dynamics in Fort Worth,Texas, a company contracted to do work for the military in building types of new and experimental aircraft.

The fact that he worked at such a place is a coincidence and not directly related to the sighting. He lived an hour’s drive from his employment and he and a co-worker took turns carpooling, to save on mileage to and from work.

They had to start their drive early, and on one of these mornings, after a few of minutes on the road, they spotted a cigar-shaped aircraft, moving slowly, a few hundred yards above the highway.

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In relating this story the interviewed-witness described the craft as having been large with lights all around the perimeter and flying parallel to the highway they were traveling, at low speed. As he and his companion continued to observe, the craft came to a dead stop in the sky and simply hovered in one spot. It remained in this position for several minutes giving them time to stop the car and watch from outside of their vehicle.

As they leaned against the car, looking up, other cars began to stop and observe the unusual aircraft. As they continued to observe it, they noticed it began to move slowly after several minutes of remaining stationary.

The front end of the craft that seemed to direct its movement, tilted deliberately upward at what he described as approximately a 45 degree angle and with incredible acceleration, sped off across the sky taking only a few seconds to fly beyond their view.

They have estimated by how quickly the craft accelerated and flew beyond view, that it reached speeds that were in the thousands of miles per hour. It was the ability of the craft to hover and change position while stopped, plus the tremendous acceleration that convinced them it was not a man-made aircraft.

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With the sighting having occurred in the late 1960s, this made it much less possible for that type of aircraft technology to have existed at that time, anywhere in the world.

In Conclusion

UFOs remain an intriguing phenomenon that continues to mystify mankind, causing us to ponder about what extraterrestrial or spiritual aspects may be involved with Unidentified Flying Objects.

As technology continues to advance in the areas of astronomical observance and air travel, some UFOs will become less elusive to scientific observance and explanation. Others however, will remain a mystery, especially those that may have an explanation in the divine or supernatural realm.

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By Jim Lowrance

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