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Reader’s story: Scary Haunted Story From My Grandpa

My great great grandpa and his wife moved into an old house in Georgia. The floor was wooden like in most old houses of the day. Once moved in they noticed a large dark spot in front of the fireplace. His wife tried to scrub it up but it wouldn’t come up.

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At about 10:00 pm they sat in the living area near the fire and gggrandpa said, “Listen. I hear a horse coming.” His wife stopped what she was doing to listen. They both heard a horse and it sounded like it was coming up the lane to toward the house.

He said, “Who could be coming this late?” They listened until the horse was right outside. They heard a man say outside, “Whoaaa!” Like halting the horse. They heard someone’s footsteps out in the gravel and both heard them step onto the front porch and walk up to the door. Expecting a knock gggrandpa went to the front door and opened it. To his surprise he could see no one standing outside the door.

Taking a lantern he went outside and checked all around and there was no sign of a man or horse. He heard his wife scream for him to come back in. She was standing in front of the spot near the fireplace. The spot had what looked like blood oozing out of the floor. It soon covered the whole spot. Gggrandmother got a bucket of soap and hot water and cleaned it up as best she could. They both slept little that night.

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The next day they went through their regular routine still puzzeled. That night at 10:00pm. Once again the distant sound of a horse was heard coming up the lane. The sound came up right next to the house with the same, “Whoooaaa! And the footsteps to the door. Gggrandpa had his gun and flung the door open to only see the empty night air. He looked around again and nothing. When he came back in side his wife was pointing to the spot. The substance once again was oozing out of the spot. Gggrandma once again cleaned the liquid off the floor.

He thought that maybe someone was messing around with them but this instance repeated itself night after night. It got the best of great great grandma’s nerves. She begged him for them to move out and he finally gave in.

Gggrandpa happened to tell a neighbor about it afterward and the man said that one night while the previous owner was at home a man came up on a horse. The man shot the previous owner in front of the fireplace and the dark spot is where the owner died.


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