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Family is baffled by mysterious footprints that appeared on the ceiling

A married couple is perplexed by a strange phenomenon that occurred in their vacant home, reports

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The couple had left their home in China during the day and returned in the evening, only to be horrified by the discovery of footprints on the ceiling of one of the rooms. They had left the house unoccupied and now wonder if science can explain this mystery.

After enigmatic marks appeared on the living room ceiling, the homeowner turned to social media seeking answers.

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Liu, the homeowner from Wuzhong, stated that he was baffled by an unusual occurrence in his empty residence. According to him, when he and his wife departed during the day, the ceiling was spotless. Upon their return in the evening, they found it now appeared as if someone had walked on it with dirty boots.

Footage, captured by Liu himself, distinctly shows footprints scattered across the ceiling. He mentioned that he and his wife were frightened throughout the night. In the morning, they decided to inspect the living room, but the marks had not vanished.

Liu shared the photo on Douyin, the Chinese counterpart of TikTok, accompanied by the caption: “Can science provide an explanation for this? These suddenly appeared when I returned home. Our house was renovated over ten years ago, and we can confirm that these marks were not present before. This is very disconcerting.”

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Numerous social media users responded to the man’s post. Many made jokes suggesting that an malevolent spirit had visited the family or that a previous owner had returned. Others began pondering what had truly occurred.

“The only plausible explanation is that the marks were left before the ceiling was installed. Perhaps they were initially imperceptible but became visible due to condensation, smoke, etc.?” wrote a user with the pseudonym Brother Pan.

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