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Gallup’s poll reveals that people don’t trust the government regarding UFOs

UFO coverMost Americans believe that the US government knows more about UFOs than it reports, according to Gallup.

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With the recent accumulation of millions of subscribers at the Storm Area 51 event, interest in the UFO topic and what the government knows about them now seems as great as never before.

In the latest poll, 68% of Americans thought the U.S. government was hiding data on the topic while only 29% believed that officials revealed everything they knew about the UFOs.

The result echoes an earlier 1996 survey in which 71% said yes to the same question.

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This result is consistent across all demographic groups, according to Gallup.

33 percent of American adults thought in a separate poll that some UFOs were extraterrestrial in origin, while 60 percent remained skeptical-instead favoring the possibility of more natural explanations.

At some stage in their life, 16 percent claimed to have seen a UFO themselves.

Overall, 86% of Americans reported reading or hearing about the topic of UFOs.

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Whatever the explanation for such sightings, the phenomenon appears to have become well and truly embedded in the consciousness of the nation.

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