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A close-up of a green UFO was filmed over Tehran

In the sky over Tehran, a luminous round object, decorated with a ring of green lights, was seen maneuvering at low altitudes among the urban landscape.

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The incident is notable not only for the clarity of the footage, but also for the amount of visual evidence, with multiple videos taken from multiple vantage points throughout the city.

The event unfolded above Iran’s bustling capital, where residents rushed to point their cameras skyward as the object skimmed overhead. The video shows a glowing form, its green lights in stark contrast to the night sky.

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The multiple angles from which this object has been recorded complicate matters, as they suggest a coordinated effort to document the event, or perhaps a large-scale encounter with this inexplicable visitor.

There are many speculations regarding the nature of this spectacle. Some have speculated that a drone swarm, a collection of unmanned aerial vehicles operating in unison, may be responsible for the demonstration. However, the synchronized flight patterns and uniformity of the lights make such an interpretation difficult.

The concept of deliberate fabrication has been proposed as an alternative.

In this scenario, the footage would be the result of an elaborate ruse, with the video being doctored and distributed to create the illusion of a UFO sighting. This explanation explains the uniformity and clarity of the videos, as well as their simultaneous appearance on different social media platforms.

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The Tehran aerial phenomenon provides a compelling argument for further investigation. What is hidden behind this mysterious sight in the sky of Tehran?

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