What You Must Know About Reincarnation and Past Life Regression

Reincarnation and the exploration of past lives have brought meaning to many individuals. Some of the benefits that can be gained include spiritual growth.


Reincarnation has great value for individuals in that it can explain so much about why certain events happen in our lives, as well as the purpose of life. Author, Mary Elizabeth Raines said, “The fundamental theory of reincarnation is that our souls are reborn many times in different bodies.” (2010, p.10)

In like manner, past life regression can effect healing in an individual’s life by exploring the events in past lives that may still influence the present. It is well-documented that Freud and Jung affirmed our most painful traumas are buried deep within the unconscious mind.

Behavioral overlays

Very often we are unable to recall the causes of our fears, and, yet the behavioral overlays are evident. In order to release some of the negative behavioral patterns we experience without actually knowing the cause, past life regression can bring answers and healing in our present lives.

Past life regression therapist, Laurel Phelan noted, “The regression technique is simple. It involves a relaxation of the body to allow the brainwaves to slow down.”(Phelan, 2010, p. 36)

The value of past life regression

While the client is led into a relaxed state, the therapist encourages the client to focus on certain parts of the body, and thereby reach a state where past life memories can be accessed. A past life regression session is of course, full of complexity and demands a commitment of time.

Dr. Thelma B. Freedman pointed out, ‘Public attention in past life regression has grown over the years due to media publicity.” (Hathaway, 2003, p. 3) For this reason, it is important to offer accurate information about the working of the technique of past life regression and its benefits

Tapping in to one’s past lives holds the key to understanding some of the sufferings we experience in life such as addictions, depression, suicidal tendencies, anxiety, and a host of other human problems. On the positive side, past life regression is also a valuable tool in self-discovery for individuals seeking to get a deeper understanding of their identity.

Author Andy Tomilson questioned why we have to prove that spiritual regression is valuable, and that the experiences gained are soul memories that can help us understand the blueprint of our lives. He said we didn’t have to anymore than Jung had to prove the reality of dreams before he used them for healing. (Tomilson, 2008).

What is important is acknowledging the inner world experiences. Some individuals have doubts about the value of past life regression, yet as Tomilson pointed out that in deep trance following a past life death, thousands of ordinary people are able recall the memories of spirit guides and spirits of light that have jointly planned their current life and helped in the selection of their physical body for this life.

These experiences are rewarding because as the clients return to their wakeful consciousness, as Tomilson noted they have a renewed sense of purpose. (Tomilson, 2008)

Individuals begin to realize that thy have lived many lives previous to their present incarnation, and so if they are carrying an imprint, or negative behavioral overlay, they will hence know the source and work to release the imprint.

Individuals have been on this Earth for many reasons, and can further expand their understanding of the purpose for their lives by undergoing past life regression therapy. Without the benefit of past live regression, individuals may continue to have a limited range of perception as they analyze the events of their lives.


Often as persons review their lives and the actions they have taken, they often feel a sense of regret, loss, guilt, and a longing to return to the past and make changes. Those who have lost children or spouses often bemoan the negative treatment they inflicted on their loved ones.

They cannot move on, and hence live in the past where there is no healing, but only sadness. Would not such persons experience a liberation from the past, if they were but to explore the reasons they behaved in a reprehensible manner?

Undergoing a past life regression would save such persons from inflicting self-hate as after a while, the channels would open and the answers would come. Perhaps they would have an understanding that in their soul’s trajectory they carried into the present life, an imprint from a previous life that they were unable to release as they had no knowledge of it.

The question of the benefits derived from past life regression as tool for healing cannot be completely answered because of its complexity and more research is needed to gain a true knowledge of its many aspects.

Spiritual growth

Dr. Michael Newton in his book Journey of Souls suggested that it appeared to be a paradox that humans among all the creatures on Earth need to repress the fear of death in order to experience normalcy in their lives.( Newton, 2003).

Newton pointed out that every person contains a certain power within that allows them to conceptualize the idea of an eternal soul. This awareness raises questions for each person, Newton points out.

The nature of the questions leads many to ask: If there is an eternal soul present- then where does the eternal soul go after physical death? Newton notes that most people have a built in amnesia in terms of soul identity, but it appears, on a conscious level, to help merge the soul with the brain. (Newton, 2003).

Man must be willing to grow spiritually via gaining an understanding of the value in the experiences related to the inner world. It is wondrous to open the spiritual doors that

in the end will open our minds to answers from the higher realms.

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