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Alien abbduction

Florida firm offers insurance in case of alien abduction

Alien abbductionInsurance company “St. Lawrence Agency in the US city of Altamonte Springs, Fla., Offered a very unusual service for those who fear being abducted by aliens.

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If the representatives of an alien civilization actually take you to your spacecraft or another planet, and then return it back to Earth, you (if you have such insurance) are entitled to all the medical and psychiatric care required for rehabilitation.

You will also be paid special compensation. It is obvious that very few people will believe the person who was abducted by aliens, therefore the additional amount of money is intended to alleviate the situation of the individual over whom skeptics scoff.

If the “green men” put painful experiences on you and somehow damage your health, the amount of insurance payment will increase depending on the physical and moral damage.

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Of course, the main snag is that in order to receive the insurance indemnity, you will need to prove that the aliens were really abducting you.

Many experts have already called such a proposal a ridiculous PR and not a very good marketing ploy, and world ufologists considered it a mockery of the unfortunate victims of aliens.

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