Astonishing video shows a HUGE UFO fleet leaving the Moon

UFO fleetA resident of the Russian capital, on the evening of May 18 was engaged in a familiar photo hunt behind the moon, when he suddenly witnessed a very strange phenomenon that he had never seen before.

A resident of Moscow suddenly noticed a plenty of identical spherical objects moving parallel to each other and at the same speed against the background of the Moon.

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Of course, the surprised eyewitness did not miss the opportunity to record what he saw on camera. Turning on the video shown below, you can see this fleet of dark UFOs with your own eyes.

Many Internet users believe that these unidentified flying objects clearly cannot be birds, much less a cluster of satellites in orbit. Thus, commentators basically came to the conclusion that man seized something that went beyond the ordinary.

Hypotheses are being put forward about alien ships, a flock of unknown huge creatures, futuristic government drones and even about the rapprochement of the Earth with some celestial bodies with intelligence.

“What is it? UFO army?”, – asks the author of the video.

Even hardened skeptics did not say anything about the malfunction of the video camera in this case. They clarified that perhaps this is just some other natural phenomenon unknown to us.

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