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Earth like planet

In our galaxy there are billions of Earth-like planets

Earth like planetScientists from the University of Pennsylvania using the Kepler telescope found that in our Milky Way galaxy can be about 10 billion planets with a warm climate and water resources.

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According to an article in The Astronomical Journal, one planet, similar to ours, revolves around one of 4 stars like the Sun. The planet makes a complete revolution around its star in about 237 days. The size of the planet is very close to the Earth. Experts plan to determine whether it has an atmosphere. For this, the refraction of light will be studied.

Various calculations have shown that there are approximately 10 billion of such planets.

Research of this kind will help to quickly detect extraterrestrial life, which is 100% available on planets whose conditions are close to terrestrial.

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Scientists’ data will help better adjust the operation of the wide-angle infrared telescope, which in 2020 will go into space to search for oxygen and water vapor on various planets.

Money for the development of equipment will not be wasted if scientists find out at least the approximate locations of alien life.

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