Scientist warns: contact with aliens is a “terrible idea”

Michio Kaku
The famous theoretical physicist Michio Kaku warns mankind against attempts to establish contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, which are millions of years ahead of us in technical development.

A scientist considers it a “terrible idea” to contact aliens, and we cannot afford to take such risks.

Michio Kaku is Professor of Physics at the City College and City University of New York. He considers it unlikely that alien civilizations have previously visited Earth, but we must understand that there are civilizations that are millions of years ahead of us in technical development.

As an example, the scientist refers to the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs. The difference in technical development was very significant. For the same reason, it is not desirable for people to come into contact with highly developed civilizations.

However, if this happens, which is inevitable, then it must be done very carefully, even if the aliens behave towards us friendly.

According to Michio Kaku, each time humanity has more and more opportunities to establish contact. This is largely facilitated by new orbiting telescopes capable of penetrating deep into the Universe and seeing more stars and planets.

Despite thousands of possible UFO sightings over the years, Dr. Kaku is confident that alien civilizations have not visited Earth in the past.

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