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Ex-Navy pilot on UFOs: We need to focus less on aliens, more on science

Former Navy pilot Ryan Graves has urged Congress to look into unexplained aerial phenomenon (UAP), sometimes referred to as UFOs, in the sky above the United States.

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In a conversation with Fox News Digital, he opened up about his own encounters with UAPs.

Graves was a Navy pilot for roughly 11 years, flying the cutting-edge fighter jet F-18 and served as a flight instructor. However, throughout his career, he has yet to receive a definitive answer on a phenomenon that he and other members of his squadron have dealt with for years.

“While I was in the Navy, myself and others in my squadron had an experience that continues to this day and at first was something that we didn’t have a name for,” Graves said.

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At first, objects showed up as “contacts on our radar, contacts on our camera system” until eventually, Graves said, “we were seeing these with our eyeballs.”

Former Navy pilot Ryan Graves

“Two aircraft from my squadron were flying side by side and one of these objects went right between their aircraft,” he added.

Graves said that his squad member described the object as a “dark gray or black cube inside of a clear sphere.”

“I think they need to separate the idea of something that’s unknown” from preconceived ideas like a “UFO or ET hypothesis.”

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“We need to be able to agnostically, as a media, accept that there is uncertainty and look at it from a first principles approach. Because if we wrap it into all that context about little green men, we’re going to be barking up the wrong tree,” he said.

Graves, who is now an advocate and the founder of Americans for Safe Aeronautics, noted that although these items occasionally remained stationary in an odd manner, they did not act like “tethered balloons.”

That was because, Graves added, these objects might likewise move at incredibly high speeds.

Graves made waves in February after he wrote an article detailing his experiences with UAPs in the military.

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“These were no mere balloons. The unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) accelerated at speeds up to Mach 1, the speed of sound. They could hold their position, appearing motionless, despite Category 4 hurricane-force winds of 120 knots. They did not have any visible means of lift, control surfaces or propulsion — in other words nothing that resembled normal aircraft with wings, flaps or engines.”

“I am a formally trained engineer, but the technology they demonstrated defied my understanding,” Graves wrote.

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