Mathematician Roy Kerr predicted space travel through black holes

Back in 1963, even before the official confirmation of the existence of black holes , the New Zealand mathematician Roy Patrick Kerr , who at that time was only 29 years old, was able to solve the equations of Albert Einstein and describe the gravitational field of a rotating black hole .

The gray-haired scientists were so delighted with the work of Kerr that they themselves became interested in studying black holes, which at that time were considered only hypothetical objects.

Kerr, continuing to “conjure” Einstein’s equations, proved that during the collapse of a massive star, a rapidly rotating ring of gas and dust is formed.

The gravitational forces of the collapsing star are trying to break the ring, but the speed of rotation is so huge that the ring remains stable, overcoming gravity.

The first image to be captured of a black hole (on the left) has proved a New Zealand mathematician’s work to be true. More than 50 years ago Professor Roy Kerr, solved the equations describing rotating black holes.

Speed ​​and gravity

Kerr grew older, gained new knowledge and absorbed experience, continuing to work with Einstein’s equations. A promising scientist proved that gravity in the center of the ring is incredibly strong (in fact, he predicted the presence of a black hole), but still finite.

According to his calculations, if you accelerate to near-light speed, you can fly through the ring through and… get into another universe. If the ring is large enough, the journey will be very safe and comfortable.

Kerr’s colleagues liked the way he started, but they were annoyed by the scientist’s subsequent conclusions; they began to “gut” Kerr’s decisions, hoping to find errors and quickly get rid of what did not fit in their heads.

However, the actions of mathematicians only strengthened Kerr’s conclusions.

A desperate space traveler, approaching a rapidly spinning black hole at great speed, could bypass the event horizon and “fly out” in some other corner of the Universe. Of course, he would cut off his way back, but the experience of such a journey would be unforgettable.

Just imagine: you fly into a black hole at a huge speed, experience a moderate effect of tidal forces and “pop!” In a minute, you are already a million light-years from Earth. Creepy and cool at the same time!

Was Roy Kerr right?

Today it is known that black holes are real objects, and the ring described by Kerr is an accretion disk that “outlines” the outline of a black hole.

Yes, the scientist was right in many respects, but is he right that black holes are portals to other parts of the Universe or even to other worlds?

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer, but if humanity does not self-destruct, then, undoubtedly, one day it will solve this riddle.

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