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In Argentina, a passenger plane pilot saw four glowing UFOs in the sky

On Monday, March 11, 2024, an Aerolíneas Argentina passenger airliner was flying over the Argentine city of Neuquen when its pilot noticed something anomalous in the sky.

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He immediately contacted the dispatcher at the President Perón International Airport in Neuquen and asked if there were any other flights in the sky near his plane. They told him no, which made the pilot very worried.

This happened on flight AR1652, which took off that evening at 20:30 from Buenos Aires to Neuquen. At approximately 10:30 p.m., the pilot saw four UFOs in the sky.

“I’m asking you… around level 4-5-0 or 5-0-0, do you guys see some lights that keep moving? It looks like there were two transits, they look similar to four moving luminaries, but they are too high,” the pilot said in a dialogue with the operator of the control service of President Peron Airport.

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“No sir, I can’t see anything from my position and I have no reports of flights in the area,” the woman replied.

However, the pilot continued to insist that he clearly saw something, and objects or one object with several lights were flying much higher than the level of his aircraft.

“No, no, that’s much higher than our flying level. We’re going for 3-8-0, and it’ll be at least 5-0-0.”

After this, the dispatcher advised him to simply deviate from the route: “For your safety, if you need to, you can turn north, there is no inconvenience.”

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The pilot continued to insist on the presence of strange lights near his plane. He was clearly not happy with what the dispatcher was telling him: “It’s about on a 0-9-0 radial, further south.”

But the woman only repeated to him that there were no other flights in this sector: “Acknowledged, I repeat to you that I have no reports of transits in this area. If it continues in a straight line or deviates, there will be no problem.”

After this, the pilot briefly replied “Thank you” and disconnected.

What he observed remained a mystery.

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