UFO sightings over nuclear power plants reported in India

Indian law enforcement agencies are reporting sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) over nuclear plants across the country. One of the witnesses, a sub-inspector of police, said that he captured on video a strange object making zigzag movements.

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In all, about a dozen incidents have been reported involving unknown aircraft reportedly circling near the Kudankulam nuclear plant on the southern tip of India and the Madras nuclear power plant near Kalpakkam on the east coast.

Police Sub-Inspector Syed Abdul Kader, who works in the technical wing of the Tirunelveli office, located an hour’s drive from the Kudnakulam nuclear power plant, said he was able to capture two strange phenomena on video.

Unfortunately, so far only one frame from the received material has been published on the social network X.

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“I am more than 100 per cent sure what I saw were UFOs,” he said. “The way it stood still, the way it made zigzag movements and the speed in which it disappeared… all were different.”

Kader also claimed to have personally observed UFOs in the area of ​​the southern coastal town of Kudankulam since 2020.

“After meeting and discussing with Sabir, I am absolutely confident that what I saw was a UFO,” he said.

Khader’s observations in the south in 2023 coincided with observations made over several weeks in August and July on the east coast along the Neelankarai-Mahabalipuram coastline. The Madras Nuclear Power Plant at Kalpakkam is located in this area.

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According to Hussain, the video footage of Khader’s sighting was taken just 10 days after former Director General of Police Pratip V. Philip photographed a UFO on the Muttukadu seashore near Chennai.

Indian authorities have not yet commented on these reports, but these sightings have attracted the attention of the public and UFO experts.

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