Englishwoman captured incomprehensible creature in the park

strange creatureRoundhay Park in Leeds, West Yorkshire (England), occupies 700 acres of land with gardens, forest, lake, playgrounds and cafes. This is one of the most popular British public parks.

Some time ago, a local resident, Stephanie Smith, was walking in this park with her parents and daughter and taking photos of local beauties.

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In one of the pictures with the Victorian arch, Stephanie later examined an incomprehensible creature that looked like a large black and muscular dog. The creature was in the shadows on the stairs.

At first, Stephanie was very surprised, because she was sure that she had not seen anything like this during the photographing. A strange creature was not noticed by her father either.

Strange creature

And then the Englishwoman was frightened, because she remembered the local folklore stories about the demonic dog.

In the north of England, such a creature is called the Gytrash and they allegedly often visit the parks of Yorkshire.

“I froze when I realized that it was not just something black, but some kind of animal. You could see the head, ears, nose and legs and I am sure that it was a demon dog. He is hiding in the shadows, as if he is hiding, and it looks like I took him by surprise. ”

According to Stephanie, she and her father are confident that at that moment there were no dogs on the stairs.

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  1. Without more photos who knows.
    Looks to me like a service entrance or caved in concrete.

  2. It’s a cloud ffs 🙄🤔 nothing to do with a made up god

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