Yogi meditates in freezing temperatures in the Himalayas

At the end of February, a video featuring a minimally clothed yogi serenely meditating amidst the mountains gained immense popularity on Indian social networks.

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Unfazed by the intense wind, snow, and frost, the yogi appeared to have been in deep meditation for an hour or possibly several hours, seemingly unconcerned about the accumulating snow on his head and clothing. Notably, despite the harsh conditions, his exposed hands indicated signs of life.

The yogi was reported to be meditating in the Himalayas at temperatures as low as minus 55 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 48 degrees Celsius).

While such frigid temperatures are a reality in the winter Himalayas, questions arose regarding how a person could endure such extremes in light clothing without succumbing to freezing.

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Predictably, the video sparked animated discussions, with skepticism about its authenticity prevalent, as some believed it to be a product of neural networks or video editing. The debates intensified when reports about the miraculous yoga feat reached the newspapers.

In response to the skepticism, Yogi Kaulantak Peeth, the spiritual community leader from Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, issued a statement. He identified the yogi in the video as Satyendra Nath, a long-standing member of their organization who had been meditating in the Himalayas for over two decades.

Providing context, Yogi Kaulantak Peeth explained that Nath and his disciples had embarked on a month-long spiritual retreat in the Seraj mountain valley.

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On a day when temperatures plummeted and a snowstorm approached, the disciples sought their teacher to advise him on the need to depart. To their surprise, they discovered him deeply meditating in the snow-covered landscape, almost entirely enveloped in snow.

Rahul, one of Nath’s students, recounted the discovery, stating, “When we went to talk to Satyendra Nath, we found him in a state of deep meditation in the snow-capped mountains. So we decided to record him on video.”

Savarninath, another student of the yogi, elaborated that Satyendra Nath follows the Himalayan yoga tradition and has been meditating in the snow-capped mountains for the past 22 years.

He added that the viral video created by Rahul is just one of several recordings made about Satyendra Nath in the last month. While Satyendra Nath is not the pioneer yogi to meditate in extreme Himalayan temperatures, he may be the first to be captured in such a profound state on film.

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