Zombies in reality: scientists have found a way to revive people

Perhaps, soon scientists from Bioquark will be able to revive the first person who is in a state of clinical death.

Stem cells and peptides will be injected into the bodies of patients to stimulate neuron growth. After that, experts plan to affect the brain with laser and current.

In theory, these actions will help grow neurons, help them reunite into a complete system and eventually revive the brain, reports portal “World News”.

The experiment will be conducted on 15 patients who have no chance of survival. They are under a life support apparatus that doctors cannot turn off according to moral standards.

Maybe soon people will be able to return to normal life.

Resuscitator Sam Parnia of Stony Brooke University notes that modern equipment allows you to fight for a person’s life even after 20 minutes.

Common methods – the introduction of adrenaline into the cavity of the heart muscle, heart massage, electrical stimulation, etc. There are cases when people came to life after 4 hours of death.

But the bodies of such people lose their nerve cells, as a result of which a person becomes unviable. This problem should be solved by a new development.

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