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The woman married a cow, considering her the reincarnation of her deceased husband

Khim Hang lives in a private house with a cow. The woman allows the animal to sleep on the pillows that belonged to her deceased husband.

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At the same time, she believes that this particular cow is the reincarnation of her lover. He passed away just a year ago, reports

A resident of the northeastern province of Kratie, which is located in Cambodia, recently celebrated her 74th birthday. A woman some time ago became the wife of a cow. The sudden kiss of an animal pushed her to such an act.

After that, woman began to believe that the soul of her beloved husband entered the cow. She began to tell reporters that the animal has exactly the same character.

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There were a lot of local residents at the organized wedding, but it is not known what they think about this. Khim Hang has a large house where a cow can be safely accommodated. The woman bathes the animal in her bathroom, and it sleeps on the bed of her husband’s pillows.

Him Hang revealed that her husband Tol Hut died a year ago. The woman was lying on his pillows when a cow suddenly came up to her, began to lick her face, neck, and then kissed her. Such actions immediately reminded the widow of her spouse.

During the marriage, the couple had several children. The eldest son believes that his father’s spirit could well have been embodied in a cow. He now controls that the animal does not accidentally leave the house.

Khim Hang also ordered her children to take care of the cow after she dies.

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