Scientists have found out how death smells

NDEAt the British Science Festival, a group of scientists suggested that death has a smell. After the death of a person, a mysterious smell intensifies and causes a feeling of anxiety for those who feel it.

Surprisingly, death actually has its own smell, which is pleasant for most people. In some ways, the aroma is similar to the smell of freshly cut grass. It begins to soar in the air almost immediately after a person leaves this world.

The smell of death arises from the release of a substance such as hexanal. It is secreted before the multiplication of bacteria responsible for the decomposition of the body.

It is worth noting that the smell is relevant not only for people, but also for animals in case of their death.

Scientists cannot say why the aroma of “freshly cut grass” causes an increase in anxiety. According to the results of a study by Arno Wisman, many people, when they catch this smell, are ready to flee at the same moment.

The discovery will be useful for criminologists who regularly with the help of dogs look for recently dead people.

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