New study shows the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening

Earth’s magnetic field is weakeningAccording to the latest findings of scientists, the magnetic field of our planet is weakening. This is especially noticeable in the area from Africa to South America.

Changes negatively affect the equipment of scientists: there have already been failures in the work of some near-Earth devices. The magnetic field is the shield of the Earth, so its weakening will make our planet defenseless against cosmic radiation and the solar wind, consisting of charged solar particles.

A magnetic field is formed from molten iron in the inner core of Earth. The substance is located at a depth of 3 thousand kilometers.

Scientists have long discovered that a magnetic field is an unstable phenomenon. Throughout the history of the Earth, the North and South poles have shifted at least several times.

The poles are able to change not only their position but also power. Over the past two centuries, the magnetic field has lost 9% of its power, and a region of reduced strength has been formed between Africa and South America. Scientists have called it the South Atlantic Anomaly.

According to new research, there is a second area of minimal activity in southwestern Africa.

The weakening of the magnetic field has been known for a long time, but scientists to this day cannot find out why this is happening.

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