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Giant skeleton

In Bashkiria discovered the remains of a six-meter giant

Giant skeleton
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In Salavat district, on the banks of the Yuryuzan River, the burial of a giant man was discovered.

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According to the newspaper “On the Land of Salavat” (На земле Салавата), the grave is located near the village of Tashaulovo, almost on the border with the Duvan district.

According to local residents, a person about six meters tall is buried in the grave. According to belief, the burial site protects the village from seasonal floods.

Recently, the resting place of a unique person was landscaped and fenced, now it has become a local attraction.

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According to old-timers, during his lifetime, the giant was a kind, but lonely person. So far, no scientific research has been conducted on this subject.

“The entire Southern Urals and part of the present Sverdlovsk region could be the habitat of the family of giants,” the publication writes.

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