Scientists have told what awaits the Earth until the end of 2100

An international team of scientists has recently been engaged in global research and made a fairly detailed forecast of what will happen to our planet and all of humanity by the end of this century.

The main topic of the report was “climate migration of the population”, which will be triggered by too strong climate change, as well as global warming, reports The World Bank Group.

Scientists believe that if the amount of greenhouse gas emissions is not reduced in the next 10 years, this will lead to a huge number of deaths.

About 10 million people will die from overheating every year. At the same time, another 400 million people will be able to work exclusively indoors.

In 20 years, due to the incredibly high air temperature on Earth, severe droughts will begin, the duration of which will reach six months. This will affect not only people’s health, but also their life expectancy.

If emissions of harmful substances remain at the same level, then in 2050 the yield of the entire planet will drop by almost 30%. China, Argentina, the United States and Brazil will suffer the most as a result.

At the same time, the population of the Earth will increase, and food will be needed much more, but due to the lack of food, a crisis will come.

The weather will change so much that in 2050 200 million people will leave their homes and become “climate migrants”. Extremely high temperatures will adversely affect almost 70% of humanity.

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