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Disappearance of Pain, Exit From The Body and More: Stages Through Which The Dying Go

What happens when you die? A complete answer to this question can only be given by those who actually died. But so far we have no connections with them, so we have to rely on the testimony of those who died, but “returned” back.

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Many doctors have encountered the phenomenon when a person who has been in a state of clinical death talks about strange visions, sounds or even smells that he saw, heard or felt in those moments when he was already considered a corpse.

Experts call this a near-death experience. Alas, but most doctors consider all this to be just “features of a dying brain.”

Fortunately, there are doctors who believe that there is something more mysterious here than the agony of neurons. Among them is Dr. Kathryn Mannix, who specializes in palliative care (care for the terminally ill and dying people).

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“In my humble experience, death is probably not as scary as you would expect. Death, like birth, is really just a process. As the years go by, people just get more and more tired, they sleep more and stay awake less.” says Mannix.

She recently released With the End in Mind: Dying, Death and Wisdom in an Age, a book that talks about what happens to dying people, seeking to break the taboo on this subject that has become established in modern society.

Kathryn Mannix

According to Mannix, based on her experience, most people who have a near-death experience go through five main “stages” of death. She personally interviewed hundreds of patients who had near-death experiences, and she was also present at the death of nearly 2,000 people.

The first stage is when a person undergoes a sudden change of state. In an instant, all his pain disappears, all his anxieties, fears, all the noise that bothered him disappear. And now he has only peace, tranquility and grace. Some report a feeling of joy.

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The second stage is the so-called out-of-body experience, when people feel as if they are rising up and see their body below, lying on a bed or stretcher.

The third stage is a feeling of comfort and bliss, and it is experienced by about 98-99% of people, but for about 2% of patients, this stage, on the contrary, brought severe discomfort – they heard terrible sounds, felt vile smells and saw terrible creatures.

In stage four, patients often describe seeing “light in total darkness” and feeling “warm, bright, and comfortable.”

And finally, the fifth stage reaches only about 10% of those who have experienced clinical death. They are probably the ones who were “thrown” the farthest in the tunnel between life and death.

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These patients saw something similar to Heaven – sunny meadows with flowers, heard beautiful music and felt themselves bathed in unconditional Love.

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