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John Searl the Man Who Built His Own UFO and Offer Free Energy Solution

Saving our planet is a daunting task. If we want to restore the ecology, there will be a lot of useful work to be done. Once you decide to do this, you will need a lot of energy. It should be cheap and completely environmentally friendly.

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For over 60 years, John Roy Robert Searl has been trying to give the world a new type of energy system that would free humanity from the oil burden and the hype around fuel resources.

Without a classical education, already in the late 40s – early 50s, John Searle created what is called a “perpetual motion machine” or a source of ecologically clean and endless energy, which functioned on the basis of a balanced magnetic system. This device was later named SEG (Searl Effect Generator).

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This generator is a completely magnetic device. It has its own engine, which itself turns on and continues to run and, as far as we can tell, never stops.

The Searl Effect is an effect of magnetism based on magnetic fields that cause magnetic rollers to spin continuously around magnetic rings, generating electricity. No noise, no heat, no vibration, no pollution – it’s all a Searl Generator.

He is able to get off the ground and form his own gravitational field. When you see these things, you realize that this is the perfect machine, the most important invention that man could ever create.

John Searl

It is 100% clean energy! This electrical energy is created by using electrons to harness kinetic energy from the ambient environment surrounding the SEG as an open system of energy conversion.

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The Searl generator is made from rare earth elements (neodymium) and has a complex structure. The multiplication of energy occurs due to the structure of the magnetic field produced by the moving elements. Cylinders with a magnetic field (magnetized) rotate around a magnetic disk. The special structure of the magnetic field of the cylinders and the disc makes these cylinders (rollers) move.

A specially shaped magnetic field is the tool that is the connecting element in the operation of the engine. This is one of the main components.

Unlike the physically tangible blocks of any other motor, the magnetic field is an easier and more subtle way of organizing the motor. This makes the device work much more efficiently and produce unusual effects.

The Resonating Power of Searl’s Oscillator

The nature of the magnetic field requires more detailed study and understanding. After all, the connecting theory – the law of squares – creates the structure of the magnetic field, due to which the multiplication of energy occurs.

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The magnetic field wave that occurs when the magnetic fields of the rollers and disc are superimposed is the driving force. This wave is located at the outer edge of the disc and causes the rollers to rise and float above the disc without touching it.

The neodymium magnets that make up the rollers on the outer edge of the disc are attracted by a magnetic wave, which causes them to push off the edge of the disc and move without friction.

Despite ongoing opposition from the economic and energy status quo, and still largely unknown to the general public, Professor Searl has created his Searl Effect Generator.

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This simple and ingenious technology may soon herald new possibilities in free energy and modern travel and help create a better way of life for all the people of the world, which has been the lifelong desire of this genius professor.

What are the future possibilities of Searl Effect technology? Aside from the exciting development of free energy power generators and electric motors, Professor Searl has created the Inverse Gravity Vehicle (IGV).

Using SEG technology, the IGV is a craft with the ability to elevate and defy the force of gravity, a flying machine that absorbs and converts energy from its surrounding environment as it flies through the air.

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This UFO-like craft has the potential to change the world of free-energy travel around our world and out into space, just as soon as the work of Professor Searl is more developed and recognized.

Regarding the global release and development of his technology, Professor John Searl said, “I’m working on the project to create a better world for all humankind regardless.”

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