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Scientists: Bigfoot is a hybrid of a human and an unknown creature

BigfootScientists from the United States said they were able to solve the mystery of the yeti’s origin. In their opinion, this creature can be a hybrid of a person and a creature unknown to science.

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A team of researchers from the Texas DNA Laboratory have come up with some pretty interesting results. They examined specimens found in Canada and the United States that could belong to a mysterious cryptid, including saliva, blood, skin and hair of the Yeti, and found that this creature could be a hybrid of a person and a certain creature unknown to science.

To a greater extent, the creature can be attributed to primates. Researchers believe that the crossing of the species took place about 15 thousand years ago.

Interestingly, scientists from Russia examined hair samples, presumably a yeti, found in the Azasskaya cave in Kuzbass, and came to similar conclusions.

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That is, the hair found may belong to a primate, and not to humans. According to scientists, the creature’s macromolecule differs from human DNA by no more than 1 percent, which may well speak of the reality of Bigfoot.

“There are very few reputable scientists who have ever been willing to go publicly on record as far as Bigfoot and yeti,” says anthropologist Todd Disotell of New York University in New York City, who was not involved in the new work but has performed unpublished analyses of anomalous primate samples in the past.

“This study did it right, reducing contamination and following all the standard protocols.”

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Scientists around the world do not stop trying to figure out what Bigfoot is and why it has not yet been possible to meet with him, despite frequent eyewitness accounts.

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