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In Australia, an unknown predator tore a wild boar in half

A video has surfaced on the Australian section of TikTok, depicting a boar being torn into two parts by a remarkably strong creature.

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Next to the remains of the wild boar on the sand, large footprints were discovered, resembling the footprints of a very large humanoid.

Reportedly, the video was filmed in a rural area of North Queensland, Australia. A group of workers accidentally stumbled upon huge human footprints in the sandy soil, and they decided to follow them, eventually leading them to the discovery of the two halves of a deceased boar.

The animal was not cut but appeared as if it had been torn in half at the midsection. It’s worth noting that there have been no known predators in Australia capable of such an act for quite some time. Even wild dingoes are incapable of this level of force.

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Journalists have learned that this video was filmed several years ago, but it gained little attention at the time. However, it was recently re-uploaded to the internet and has started to gain popularity once again.

“It tore it in half and left this next to it,” the man says in the video, showing the remains of a boar and huge prints. He placed his foot in a shoe next to one print and it is clear that the print is almost twice as large as this foot.

“He went up the hill,” says the author of the video, showing in which direction the huge footprints go. It looks like the trail of tracks has disappeared into the bush.

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The workers also stated that they felt very uncomfortable in this place, as if someone was watching them. When this video came to the attention of the Australian Yeti researcher Dean Harrison , he stated that the prints in the sand clearly belonged to a relict hominid, that is, the Bigfoot (by the way, in Australia the local analogue of the Bigfoot is called yowie ).

“These footprints are perfectly positioned, just like other relict hominid tracks,” Harrison said, adding that the workers’ reactions to the video seemed plausible to him.

Dean Harrison has been head of the Yowie Research Center for many years and says he has received more than 1,000 reports of Yowie sightings from every state in Australia. Moreover, he called the cases from New South Wales and Queensland the most convincing.

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