Former head of Israeli space security: Aliens are in contact with US

Haim Eshed aliensThe former head of Israel’s space security program, professor of aeronautics and astronautics, Haim Eshed, in a recent interview with Yedioth Aharonoth, stated that aliens have been on our planet for a long time.

The scientist believes that aliens have been on Earth for a long time, but almost no one knows about this, since they, presumably, asked to keep this information secret. In their opinion, humanity is not yet ready for contact with an alien civilization, and if this happens now, then mass hysteria will simply begin all over the world.

Ashed said that US President Donald Trump was on the verge of disclosing this information, but the “aliens in the Galactic Federation” demanded not to rush to take such serious steps. Representatives of alien civilizations intend to make humanity more understanding and more intelligent, before the aliens reveal themselves.

The professor is sure that some governments have already established contact with the aliens and are sharing useful information. The aliens hope that people will develop and comprehend all the secrets of the Universe, and will also be able to travel to other planets.

According to the scientist, the United States has already signed an agreement with the aliens, allowing them to conduct various experiments on Earth. It follows from the agreement that people will also participate in them.

The scientist said that a few years ago he would hardly have dared to make such statements, since he would have been mistaken for a madman, although now it makes little difference. People, according to Ashkhed, have changed recently and are now ready to receive such information. He also added that he had nothing to lose.

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