Bigfoot Researcher Leads Historic Expedition in Thailand

C. Thomas Biscardi, a renowned Bigfoot researcher with more than 50 years of experience, has announced the launch of “Bigfoot in Thailand: The Definitive Expedition”, a groundbreaking venture that aims to uncover proof of the legendary creature in a country where it is known as Orang Pendek.

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Biscardi and his team of experts will collaborate with Thai government officials, academic leaders and locals who have witnessed or encountered the elusive beast in the remote jungles of Southeast Asia.

Biscardi said that Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia have a long history of Bigfoot reports, dating back to the 16th century, but they have been largely neglected by serious researchers due to various challenges such as weather, terrain, wildlife, culture and politics.

He said that his team, which includes tracker Robert “The Swede” Holmberg and researcher Chris Contrearas, has the skills and experience to overcome these obstacles and conduct a thorough and rigorous investigation. He also said that Buddhist Monk “Att” will be a vital part of the expedition, providing access and guidance to the lands and people associated with Bigfoot sightings.

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The expedition will be documented by cameras that will capture every aspect of the historic journey, from interviews with witnesses and experts to field investigations and possible encounters with the monster.

The footage will be used for a new documentary that will showcase the definitive historical library of Bigfoot in Thailand, as well as the clear evidence that Biscardi hopes to find.

“I am confident that this expedition will be informative and successful in not only creating the definitive historical library of Bigfoot in Thailand, but will also produce clear evidence of the monster,” Biscardi said.

He added: “Bigfoot is no stranger to the people of Southeast Asia, yet the legendary monster remains just that – a legend. To add some real evidence to the centuries of stories surrounding the mysterious beast, we need to go where no one has gone before.”

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Robert “The Swede” Holmberg, who will be in charge of the field crew, said: “I have been tracking and hunting animals for most of my life, but nothing compares to the thrill of pursuing Bigfoot. I have seen some amazing things in my previous expeditions with Tom, but I am ready for a new challenge in Thailand. I believe we have a good chance of finding something there.”

Chris Contrearas, who will be responsible for collecting and analyzing information, said: “I have been fascinated by Bigfoot since I was a kid, and I have dedicated my career to finding the truth behind this phenomenon. I have studied hundreds of reports and cases from around the world, but Thailand is a unique and intriguing location. I am looking forward to working with Tom and his team to uncover the secrets of this region.”

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