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Experts: Killer robots will be the next “weapons of mass destruction”

At the moment, robotics is actively developing, as well as artificial intelligence. This technology is implemented not only in ordinary life, but also in the military sphere: engineers create autonomous systems for the armed forces.

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Experts from the Dutch non-profit organization PAX are confident that the symbiosis of technology can lead to the appearance of killer robots.

The tasks of making decisions regarding whether or not to save a life of one or another subject will fall on the shoulders of robots.

Activists are now struggling to stop this. It is known that active development is underway in Russia, the USA, Israel, Turkey and China.

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States need to develop some rules for the use of “smart” weapons and robotic systems. Moreover, the regulation should be international, accepted by all players. Machines must not be allowed to get out of control.

If nothing changes, the plot of the movie “Terminator” may come true.

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